What is BioGenesis?
BioGenesis is the Light of Creation.  The remembrance of the Process of Creation is instilled into glass tools, and these tools radiate, or re-educate, its environment with the memory of the Process of Creation.  Restoring the memory of this Process within an individual creates a renewed living system.  While this ancient technology has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis, Ascended Masters recently re-introduced this effective energy to the World in 1999.

What is an Ascended Master? This is a person who has lived on earth and experienced many lifetimes as a human and has transcended to the spirit world. Ascended Master Lantos is in charge of the BioGenesis Tools and is present at all BioGenesis sessions.

What is a session like?
During a session, the tools are placed on the body or moved over the body to work with the energetic layers of the body. The energy reminds the body of its perfection and brilliance and it helps the individual diminish negative energies and move forward in the area of the request. More than one request may be made during a session. 

What are the Benefits?

With BioGenesis, you can transform any aspect of your life. You can transform, finances, relationships, career, your environment and your health.These simple but powerful glass tools can help restore health and energy to someone suffering from a variety of physical conditions, as well as happiness, emotional harmony and mental and spiritual clarity. They work with the soul, mind, emotional and physical bodies.

Additionally, the use of the Light of Creation can bring to you manifold manifestations of blessings, including financial prosperity, greater energy, and harmonious relationships through the release of blockages.

"We speak of regeneration of the most basic element within each individual—the Light of Creation.  As this Light returns to the lives on Earth, all things are made possible."--Ascended Master Lantos.

The new
Star Cell Chamber (far left) and Super Star Cells are here. (Super Star Cell on the right)

They offer an infinity wave of energy to assist in the release of blockages in the physical body. Super Star Cells are placed on the body and the Star Cell Chambers are placed underneath the person receiving the BioGenesis session. This facilitates a wave like action that travels through all layers of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies to aid in the release of what is not longer beneficial to the individual.

What would you like to change in your life now?

SPECIAL OFFER: Call Barbara for a BioGenesis Session at her office and receive a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessing for only $25 (normally $37). This offer is good through August 2014.

Call 831-588-3090 to make an appointment or email her at bbrundege@gmail.com.

BioGenesis Session is $150 and is approximately one hour 15 mins.

CURRENT PACKAGES: Packages can offer the best prices for Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessings and BioGenesis Sessions.

        3 Session Package is $390 - $130 each.

        5 Session Package is $600 - $120 each.

        10 Session Package is $1100 - $110 each.