Transform any aspect of your life.

Join the 3-hour Workshop 
Saturday, June 12, 2014
2 PM  to 5:00 PM
$69 Workshop Fee per person

Bring a friend to assist you with the healing session or come on your own. This class is designed for two individuals to work with each other during the class so if you can bring someone that you are comfortable working with, please do.

We all have challenges. If you are living on earth, and in human form, you have challenges. What challenges are you facing today that you want to transform so you can have a fuller life now?
BioGenesis Tools and Healing Session Can Help You Transform these Challenges!  BioGenesis are able to help clear and release:
  • spiritual blockages
  • mental blockages
  • emotional blockages
  • physical blockages
When you transform blockages, your challenge also transforms, and you can experience a fuller life. During this workshop you will be able to transform one aspect of your current life challenges if you complete all four classes and follow the course guidance. 

Class Overview:
In this workshop, we will use the BioGenesis tools and procedures to help clear old memories in this hands-on workshop.  I will guide each participant to help use the tools to receive a healing session. Each person's session is unique and addresses their own personal needs. 

We will also use the new Star Cell Chamber and Star Cells, shown below,  to assist with the session. These are the latest tools and time spent with them can greatly increase your healing as they purify the body of all types of impurities, memories and more. 

During the class you will:

  1. Learn the History of BioGenesis
  2. Learn some basic BioGenesis Tools and what they do.
  3. Learn the types of blockages.
  4. Receive a 15-20 minute healing session for the issue of you choice.  Any issue that has blocks including health, relationships or finances can be the topic for the healing session. 
  5. Learn your personal BioTrinity tool and how to work with it daily.

In addition to the processes above there will be an optional:

  • Atunement to re-connect your spiritual 12-strand DNA and to increase your youth and vitality.
  • A Divine Healing Hands Blessing from the Divine.

 Learn more about Divine Healing Hands on my website.
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Here are the three BioGenesis tools show below that we will use to help clear old memories. I have these available to use during the class. The are clockwise starting at the top: The Wand of Gensis; The BioAmplifer; the Multi-colored Pyramid.
Note: BioGenesis healing sessions cost $150 for an hour and 15 mins. You will be receiving a similar treatment during the class. This class can greatly reduce the cost of your healing sessions and as part of  a BioGenesis course it will propel your transformation.

All techniques are easy to learn and powerful! 

By attending this class, you will be eligible for a discount on some of the basic tools of BioGenesis and the BioTrinity tools, during the day of the workshop. The Star Cell Chamber and Star Cells are available through www.BioGenesisGlobal.net 

You will also be eligible for discounts on my other healing services.


Part I: Clearing Old Memories 
Part II: Clearing Old Patterns
Part II: Restoring the Memory of Health
Part IV: Protection and Prevention

Each part will be held one to two weeks apart from the other depending on the groups needs. You may begin during the first two classes and then the class will be closed to new students until the next class is offered. 


Location: Barbara's Scotts Valley address. Directions will be sent after registration.

Please let Barbara know by email: bbacudoc@hotmail.com that you, or you and your friend are planning on attending, or by phone: 831-588-3090. A reservation is necessary to attend. 

Payment Options:
Send Check To:  Barbara Brundege, POB 67459, Scotts Valley, CA 95067. 

Credit Card: you can pay by Paypal or credit card. Click the PayPal button below

Class fee is $69 per person per class and per person.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel 24 hours before the class happens, you can apply your course fee to a BioGenesis treatment ($150 session) at her office or remotely.