All sessions are one on one and are unique to the individual.

Session I: BioGenesis Session $150. Approx. 1 and 1/2 hr session in my office or may be done remotely.

Session II: Divine Healing Hands Session $85. Approx. 60 minutes. This session includes a consultation on how to use Self-Healing techniques specific to your issue to further your progress. You will receive two Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessings. This session is done at my office or remotely.

Session IIIAcupuncture is utilized to support the physical body after soul healing sessions to bring about harmony and balance and continue the healing of the physical body. (If you choose, herbs may be suggested for extra cost starting at $15.) Session is $85 depending on the session. Payment made at the time of the session at my office.

Session VI: One Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessing remotely $39.

CURRENT PACKAGES: Packages can offer the best prices for Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessings and BioGenesis Sessions.

Three Divine Healing Hands Blessings remotely sent on separate days. $99. (Normally $117)

Six Divine Healing Hands Blessings remotely sent on separate days. $169. During the month of May, June, July and August 2014, receive a free blessing for a total of 7 blessings. One daily for a week.

Packages for BioGenesis:

3 Session Package $390 - $130 each.

5 Session Package $600 - $120 each.

10- Session Package $1100 - $110 each.

Please email me with any questions.
My email is: bbrundege@gmail.com. My phone is 831-588-3090.

Disclaimer: Soul Healing, is meant to be a supportive and complementary treatment to your current medical or professional health care. It is in no way meant to be a replacement for professional medical care, surgery, prescriptions or medical treatment plans or any other professional medical service. In no way do make any claims that I can heal or cure you. Results vary by person as each person is a unique individual and may be unnoticeable to profound depending on the individual.