"I always feel fantastic after a session with Barbara Brundege – more aligned, cleared, connected to my true self. Barbara not only helps me to clarify my issues, but also “sees” me clearly and tunes in perfectly to my unique needs. As well, she is a great teacher so that I can delve deeply and continue working on my own. Barbara is a gifted healer – she has my highest recommendation!" L.T., Santa Cruz, Ca   
I emerge as a completely changed being from each of Barbara’s powerful healing sessions. She is an expert in her field and has highly sharpened skills in the ancient art of acupuncture, is an experienced herbalist, an incredible energy healer and is so advanced in today’s cutting edge healing techniques that she has a Master’s degree in DNA reprogramming that when combined unfailingly heal my physical body, release negative emotions, open my mind and expand my heart. Barbara is incredibly knowledgeable, uses her innate wisdom and always knows exactly what I need. I am so blessed to have this gifted, beautiful, gentle, kind Soul in my life and highly recommend her to anyone interested in experiencing a profound healing of their body, mind and soul. I have great appreciation, eternal gratitude, highest respect and much love for Barbara. Christa Rae Pacheco, Medical-Intuitive.
Barbara is a truly gifted healer. Her energy work and intuitive insights have helped me to feel balanced, healthy, and calm. My experience was fabulous! I have referred my patients to her for deep healing work.I whole-heartedly recommend Barbara as both a healer and a teacher. Dianne Jurgensen, D.C. Los Gatos, CA