The Divine Healing Hand offers powerful
          blessings to heal and transform
             any aspect of your life.

What is a Divine Healing Hand? It is the hand of God permanently transmitted to the soul of a chosen individual who then can request a soul healing blessing from the Divine for a person, business, residence, relationships, finances or pets. It carries Divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light to remove soul, mind and body blockages for physical conditions (i.e. back pain, tumors, cancer, etc.), organs, systems, and any part of the body.

It can also help remove blockages in the emotional body to balance emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, and any other emotion. It opens the doors to healing and transformation allowing movement forward in any area of your life.

   "This is one of the most powerful soul healings 
     available on Mother Earth at the time."
                                                       Master and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha.

Even if you have no physical conditions, are healthy and happy, soul healing blessings can bring rejuvenation to your body and improve any aspect of your life.

Note: A Divine Healing Hands™ blessing does not involve physical touch of any kind and can be offered remotely. The Divine/God does the work, I simply invoke the treasures and request your blessing. 

Special Introductory Offer to receive your first Divine Healing Hands blessing is only $25. This is a remote blessing and you do not need to come to my office. Take this opportunity to move one area of your life in a positive and forward direction for the New Year. (Normally $39) 
A Divine Healing Hands (DHH) Soul Healing Blessing Session 

A soul healing session at my office or remotely begins with a 10-15 minute consultation to discuss your issue and the blessings you desire. You will then lie down and quietly relax while two Diving Healing Hands blessings are received from the Divine. In the last 10-15 minutes other healing suggestions may be given to further your healing such as how to do a healing for yourself, and to discuss your experience, and make a plan for continued healing that you can do. This is a 50-60 minute session. 

A DHH Soul Healing Session remotely: Since the blessings come from the Divine, you may receive your blessing(s) remotely, in your own home. You will call me at the beginning of the session and we will discuss your issue and I will teach you a self-healing technique and then you may lie down or sit quietly to receive the healing blessings. 

Soul Healing Blessing 50-60 minutes Session in my office or remotely $85 for one issue

One Divine Healing Hands Blessing done remotely. Relax in your home while you receive the blessing.  Only $39. Select any aspect of your life for the blessing. Call me to set up a time convenient for you. 

If you have a chronic health condition or have a block that has been with you most of your life, a series of blessings is suggested. Each person’s situation is unique. If your condition is chronic, a 40 minute session is suggested to begin with so you may learn self-healing techniques.